Wheel lift Tow Services

wheel lift tow services

The technology related to towing vehicles has grown considerably over the past decades. Today, there are better, more advantageous alternatives compared to older towing methods. Wheel lift tow services are among the new methods. This unique towing system is controlled by the tow truck driver within the tow truck. The metal yoke attached to the back of the tow truck can lift vehicles. It is powered using hydraulic power. Once our truck has reached the scene, it will be placed near your vehicle.

This system enables us to lift the vehicle’s front or back portion. Depending on the type of vehicle, we will lift either the front pair of wheels of the rear pair of wheels off from the ground. For instance, if it is a front-wheel-drive vehicle, we will lift the front wheels, and left the rear pair of wheels run on the ground. Once the wheels have been lifted and the vehicle secured, we towing will start and drive to the next destination. This innovative and unique system has proven a very efficient method. It is both times saving and cost-effective. We will recommend using wheel lift tow services if the towing involved is a short distance.

Wheel Lift Towing Services

This system has a number of advantages. Firstly, it can reduce the risk of damage. The tires are lifted off from the ground and this helps to protect them from unnecessary damage during the towing of the vehicle. Even though wheel lifts towing is safer, it is still important to get the right towing service provider. If the towing process is not careful or done incorrectly, it can still cause damage to the vehicle. This is why you need to choose a professional towing company like Cheap Towing LA.

If the towing company is careless and tows inappropriately, then it is possible the automobile may be damaged during the towing process. By choosing us to work with your vehicles, you can reduce the risks. We will use the wheel lift towing method to move your vehicle from one location to another with care and expertise. We will get your vehicle moved safely within a short time, and it will be protected thoroughly every step of the way.

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