Medium Duty Towing

medium duty towing

Cheap Towing LA offers towing services, which include medium duty towing. Our towing options and services are available to the locals in the Los Angeles areas. Saving you money and time, because we provide fast and affordable towing as compared to many other towing companies in the region. Some companies will bill medium and heavy duty towing the same, but we are not going to charge you more for vehicle towing.

Medium Duty Towing Criteria

When making the requests for the tows, take note of the model and make of the vehicle. Most importantly, take note of the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). This information can also help towing companies identify the right tow truck for your towing needs.

Assuming the vehicle weight rating is under the medium duty category, we will send the right towing vehicle to get the jobs done. You can reach us via our 24-hour hotline. Our towing dispatch representative will be available to listen to your requests and take down important information and details. This includes the roughly estimated width, length, and height of your vehicle.

The reason we need more information is that we can find a suitable tow truck to effectively handle the relevant towing capacity for your vehicle. Do take note that the size is going to be essential to get the right towing solutions and prevent possible issues if you need the right towing equipment service.

For the vehicle to fall under medium duty vehicle, it will need to be around 16,000 to 25,999 lbs. This type of towing caters to many types of vehicles. This towing can be good for vehicles like ambulances,  cargo trucks, duty trucks, small vans, RVs, motorhomes, and more.

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