Low Clearance Towing

low clearance towing

It is always a difficult time when you need a vehicle towed. Not only there be a need to find a towing company, but also you will be delayed due to vehicle breakdowns. Moreover, the problem is complicated if you are inside a low clearance area. An Example of low clearance areas parking garages in a building, or This problem is compounded when you’re in an area with low clearance. And since some types of tow trucks need a certain amount of room to operate, you will need the right ones to get your vehicle out. Cheap Towing LA has a low clearance towing equipment for these types of situations.

Do not just call anyone to tow the parking garages. This is because some tow trucks cannot fit into the low clearance areas. It is important to mention your location to the towing company to ensure that they have the right tow truck for the task.

What’s Low Clearance

Low clearance is an area with a maximum height. Some common areas include:

Parking Garages – Some parking garages have a clearance height of 7 feet. When the vehicle exceeds the height, or barely fits in, you will need a tow truck that has the right clearance height to get it out.

Not every tow truck is designed to get into the parking garage. Various parking garages will have various height levels. It is important to check the clearance height before you call for a tow truck to get your vehicle out.

Your Dependable Towing Provider

If your vehicle breaks down and you are either in the basement/ lower level or on some upper level of the parking garage, just call your local towing service and they can assist you with the situation. Cheap Towing LA is the local roadside assistance service provider you need in Los Angeles.

In certain situations, the reason for the breakdown could be your car battery. It could be dead, and perhaps a jump start can solve the situation. You may not need a tow truck service. We have both the tow truck and the equipment to give you the car jump start. If the situation involves mechanical issues with the vehicle, then we will deploy the right tow truck, such as a wheel lift tow truck, to get your vehicle to a repair shop.

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