Light Duty Towing

Vehicles do breakdown and require repair at some point in the course of their lifespans. When they do, you will need a dependable light duty towing company. Our light duty towing can move vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, light vans, and light trucks.

Reasons for Light Duty Towing

There are several reasons why vehicles need towing:

Collision – Accidents do happen, and depending on the severity, a professional tow truck company may be necessary.

Overheating – There are several reasons your vehicle may overheat, from leaking water pumps to damaged fan belts. One should not drive around an overheated vehicle. A tow truck needs to be called to get your vehicle to a mechanic.

Transmission Issues – When your vehicle is not shifting into gears properly, or you sense a funny smell and the vehicle is shaking, the odds are there are transmission issues. When there are problems in the transmission, there will also be problems in controlling and handling the vehicle. You may need to call a towing company to help tow your vehicle to a repair shop.

Cheap Towing LA provides quality light duty towing services in the area. We are professional, efficient, and timely in our works. We recognize the stress you are under when your vehicle breaks down. Our tow truck drivers will arrive at your location as soon as possible to provide the towing solution you need.

Towing services will prove to be handy when you need them. Whether due to mechanical issues or accidents, you want quick towing to get your vehicle towed and fixed. No one likes to get stuck on the side of the road for a long time. We can lend the helping hand you need during these times.

Dedicated Towing Service Provider

Our company is focused on providing quick, responsive, and careful towing services, taking account of all your towing needs. Our towing technicians are hardworking, friendly, and efficient individuals who have wide experience in the towing industry. We dedicate to providing timely towing solutions. Safety is our priority when it comes to towing. We stay in line with the latest regulations, and continuously maintain as well as upgrade our towing equipment to meet the demands in our works.

As a caring and honest tow truck service in the area, we have been serving drivers in the community for a long time. With the support of our customers, we will continue to help drivers who need our assistance. We also provide other tow services including RV towing, medium and heavy duty towing. Roadside assistance such as tire change, fuel delivery, and lockouts are also available.

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