Heavy Duty Towing

heavy duty towing

What Type of Vehicle Need Heavy Duty Tow?

Heavy Duty Towing is used when there is literally a heavy duty vehicle. In other words, a heavier than normal weighing car. This weight class goes above medium duty vehicles. The weight ranges from 26,000 lbs and above. Our trained towing technicians at Cheap Towing LA are specially equipped to handle heavy jobs. We can transport heavy vehicles and move them safely to the destination.

Why is Heavy Duty Towing Necessary

Heavy duty towing should only be offered by tow companies that are capable to handle large vehicles. These vehicles include buses, semi-trucks, motorhomes, RVs, or industrial equipment. We can provide you with safe and professional tow services. If you drive a small bus, a business van, or an RV and experience a breakdown, you can call us for assistance. You can also rely on and anticipate us to manage your large vehicle safely without worries.

We have wheel lift towing and integrated tow trucks that can tackle the towing tasks. They are useful in different situations, and we will dispatch the right one for the situation.

Professional Handling for Your Vehicles

We are the one tow company that can easily load and unload, transport, and manage large and heavy vehicles. Our team can handle heavy trucks and commercial vehicles. We have skilled operators who are both skilled and experienced in the towing industry. They are also continuously trained to be in line with the latest towing regulations and best practices. If you need to tow your heavy vehicle safely, make the smart choice by selecting us. We have the proper towing equipment, tools, know-how, and professional expertise for it.

We also make sure that all of our technicians are qualified in every aspect of our services. Our team also ensures every detail is in place before setting out for the duties. And we make sure of this before we send them out in the fields. Our teams also wants to make sure that your vehicle is well taken care of and in good hands.

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